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At Gutters to Shutters, your satisfaction with our work is our highest concern; we are prompt, professional and prepared; we come with all of our own equipment and supplies. If you are not completely satisfied with your window cleaning service, Gutters to Shutters will return and work to meet a reasonable standard for your home or apartment building. 

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Will you clean my screens when you wash my windows? 
Yes! We spot clean all screens that are installed. Occasionally a more thorough cleaning of the screens may be needed. Make sure to let us know that you would like this service and we will include it in the estimate.

Will you clean around my window frames, or remove any debris?
We wipe down your window frames while cleaning the panes as a part of the Basic service. On extra dirty panes we can remove any paint, silicone, stickers or random construction debris as needed. These services are not included in our “Basic Window Cleaning Services” but will be included in the estimate for your particular job.

Will you wash my windows if it’s raining outside? 
We can get the job done if it is raining outside. On seldom occasions it is not advisable to clean the windows in especially heavy, windy rain. We'll let you know if the job is not doable on your scheduled day.

Do I need to be home when you are washing my windows?
Your call. We'll let you know when we'll arrive so you can be home.  Many of our customers have grown to trust us to do the job and the clean-up without being home, especially for exterior-only window washing. Cleaning your windows may take anywhere from one to ten hours, depending on the number of windows and the ease of accessibility to your windows. If you would like a list of our professional references, please contact Gutters to Shutters here.

Will you damage my tinted windows?
It is important to follow your manufacturer’s instructions for the correct drying period after installation, but we do not use ammonia in our cleaning products and your tints will not be affected.

Can you fix my “foggy” windows?
Unfortunately, no. A fogged window means that your window’s seal is leaking and moisture is getting in between your double panes. Typically the window needs to be replaced. We can identify this condition when we find it as the window may still be protected under your manufacturer’s warranty. This kind of window deterioration is not uncommon for insulated windows that are 15 to 20 years old.

Do you take special care to protect my home?
Inside your home, we remove our shoes, and we cover your flooring and furnishings, as necessary. We wash your windows carefully, making sure not to get water or dirt on any interior surface. Inside, we ask that you clear any items away from your windows, such as plants, knickknacks & papers, before we arrive and, if required, we will help move your furnishings out of the way. Outside, we are careful with exterior landscaping, plants and siding.

Will my windows look sparkling clean for several months?
Yes! At Gutters to Shutters, we use professional tools and products to provide you with a sparkling, streak-free, clear view. You will be thrilled with the clarity of your view. For the longest enjoyment of this crystal clear view, we recommend scheduling near the end of the rainy season.

How much does it cost?
We're affordable! At Gutters to Shutters, we strive to provide you with the best service for the best value. Because every home and business is different, we inspect your home or business before-hand, determine what equipment is needed and how long the job will take and provide you with a free estimate so you can budget our services.

Typically, cleaning the windows of a small house starts at $250; a medium-sized home starts around $350 and a large home starts at $500 with the price dependent on the condition of the windows, frames & screens, as well as accessibility for ladders based on height, landscaping and adequate space.

Text Adam for a Free Estimate @ (206) 306-3572

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