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The familiar adage, “A stitch in time saves nine,” is equally relevant to the unfortunate costs associated with deferred maintenance on your roof drainage system. Regular gutter cleaning is the best and least expensive protection for your home against expensive water damage. "Regular" depends on how much debris accumulates on your roof and in the gutters. Most homes are on an annual schedule for cleaning, but in other circumstances it may be more or less frequent than that.

Gutter cleaning can be dirty, dangerous work that is best to leave to a professional like Gutters to Shutters. If you delay too long, you may experience any of the below problems:

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My gutter is overflowing: 
When you can see that your gutters or downspouts are overflowing, they are clogged or backed up with water. Heavy rains will bring a cascade of water down along the walls of your home and possibly behind the fascia boards into the soffit, possibly causing rot or mold over the long term if left clogged. It should be cleaned out as soon as possible.

Paint inside my house is bubbling and turning brown:
If you see a brown stain, bubbling paint or wet spots inside your home, you are seeing the signs of water leaking into your home which could be from clogged gutters. Regular gutter cleaning is your first step towards preventing this problem.

Plants are growing in my gutters: 
If you see plants growing out of your gutters, they are living off the organic debris that is trapped in your gutters – leaves, seeds, tiny pine cones, etc. . Combined with backed-up water, you are providing the perfect environment for the growth of plants, worms and insects. We recommend you clean gutters regularly to prevent this issue.

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