Cleaning your gutters is an important maintenance measure to prevent moisture backup from rotting your roof under the shingles and water seeping into your exterior walls.


Basic Cleaning Services include:

  • Clean All Gutters & Downspouts 

  • Gutter Inspection & Basic Upkeep

  • Property Cleanup 


Additional Services, for an extra fee, include: 

  • Cleaning Under Gutter Screens 

  • Replacing Gutter Nails 

  • Clearing Serious Downspout Clogs

  • Reattaching Downspout to Gutter 

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When you hire Gutters to Shutters to clean your windows, we carefully remove all built-up grime, dirt or smudges and leave your window panes sparkling-clean. ​Our Basic Window Cleaning Service price is calculated on the number of window panes, type of window frame material, and ease of access.

When should you get your windows washed? We suggest:

  • Event Cleaning – Please schedule early, and have us clean your windows as close to your event as possible

  • Occasional or Annual Washing – For your windows stay clean as long as possible, we suggest May to August dates.

  • Semi-Annual & Quarterly Cleaning – Some clients prefer to have on-going, regular window cleanings which Gutters to Shutters is happy to schedule at your convenience.

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"I have been a happy customer of Gutters to Shutters for over 7 years and am very happy with the quality of service Adam provides... I trust Adam with the care of my home."         Joyce C., Seattle